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Established 1998

Posted by Matt on 3/30/2012

If you plan on signing up for the live footy streaming service, please use the link below as the club will get a referral fee:

Posted by Ed on 3/26/2012

Seattle Grizzlies would like to congratulate Damon Wills on his appointment to Club President.  At a meeting this last weekend, club leaders decided unanimously to appoint Damo to the position given his previous record of service to the club and his motivation and desire to propel it onwards to bigger and better things.

Damo's first orders of business as President will include revitalizing the current club management structure in order to better focus on key club development areas such as sponsorship, training management, recruitment and social club activities.  Also on the agenda: leading the Grizzlies on to their first Division I USAFL National Championship title.

Stepping aside after more than 13 years as President is club co-founder and hall-of-fame member, Matthew Muller.  In addition to helping found the club, Matty has worked tirelessly (and without pay) for more than a decade turning it from a small group of ex-pats "having a kick", into one of the top competitive clubs in US Footy. All the while maintaining focus on it remaining not just a football club, but also an active social organization, raising funds for special needs (helped raise over $12,000 for the 2009 bushfire relief), and ensuring the Grizzlies always remained a club open to all-comers.

During his tenure, Matty led the Grizzlies to a 2008 USAFL Div II National Championship, a 2nd place 2009 USAFL Div I finish, as well as three regional tournament and six PNW conference championships to include the 2011 Portland Stumptown Throwdown.

Though Matty will maintain an active role with the club, he is stepping aside from President duties in order to focus more time on family, as he's got a little one on the way in just a short month or so.  The Grizzlies would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Matt for his hard work over the years, and to his missus Linda for allowing him to do so!

Cheers, Damo and Matty.

Ed Fayette

Captain, Seattle Grizzlies

Posted by Ed on 2/16/2012

If you haven't got footy on the brain by now it's time to start... And what better way than watching the NAB Cup in the wee hours of the morning along with your mates at the Kangaroo & Kiwi with some (low-cal) beverages?

Matches start live tonight at 1145pm with a round robin between the Tigers, Roos and Hawks. Full upcoming schedule of games is available at

As Ian Cleary would say: "FOOTY!!!"

Posted by Ed on 10/7/2011
The Grizzlies have arrived in Austin and are busy preparing for their matches this weekend. To stay updated on results throughout the tourney you can check the official USAFL website Or, for up to the minute updates on all things Grizzly, follow our official twitter feed @seattlefooty. Cheers!
Posted by Ed on 9/22/2011

In addition to their live coverage of every match of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, our sponsor pub the Kangaroo & Kiwi ( have informed us they will have the tele's showing Geelong v. West Coast LIVE at 9:20 pm this Friday, September 23, immediately following the AUS v. US Rugby WC replay. If you're looking for some grub before the match be sure to get there early to have a look at the new Rugby WC menu... Min's new lamb sandwich is out of this world. Oh, and did we mention that Boags is back? 

In addition, they will be pre-empting all live rugby matches on Friday, September 30th in honor of the 172nd-ish Annual Seattle Grizzlies Live AFL Grand FInal Live Coverage Night Party and Feed at the K&K (SGLAFLGFLCNP&F@K&K for short). As always, it's going to get packed real quick so get there early for a good spot. Grizzlies will be on site selling raffle tickets and hosting giveaways of what will surely be some high quality gear.  This is one of the Grizzly's top fundraising efforts of the  year, and our last big push before Nationals so we hope to see each and every one of our supporters there!

That said, why anyone cares about the finals anymore now that St. Kilda has been eliminated is beyond me... Regardless, i'll see you there.